What we are doing for our environment

Thermal Process Free Plates

Our Litho press uses plates produced in a completely chemical and solvent free process. The Fuji ProT3 latest generation plates we use print ultra sharp images and text and we use a low chemical level water and we are committed to further reducing levels of chemicals.

Vegetable Based Inks

We use standard 100% vegetable based, mineral free inks in both CMYK process and Pantone spot colours. Our press coatings are water based and minimise further use of oil based sealer.

Environmentally Sound Paper

Full range of FSC and recycled paper from leading industry suppliers such as Robert Horne, GF Smith and Premier paper, we also use specialist paper from GF Smith and Winters Paeprs, with grades up to 100% fully recycled available in all sizes and weights. Also Carbon balanced paper is becoming more widely available, please call for details.


All our waste paper is recycled and our inks and metal plates are all discharged with reputable local companies.